September 15th, 2015: XO released for Red Dawn

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C&C XO: Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs Soviet Crossover

These maps are for the stand alone mod game, Red Dawn 2014, and are not designed to work with regular RA.
These maps can be played whatever way in Red Dawn, whether online, CNCNet's offline skirmish, or the full game's regular offline skirmish.


Note: You won't see the Allied Tech Center and Capturable Airfields in the same map. The Allied Tech has to be an Adv Comm with those.

4 different playable teams! More like 6 with varied GDI's and Nods!
GDI ZOCOM and Nod get the Iron Curtain.
UN-GDI, GDI Steel Talon, and Nod Black Hand get the Chronosphere.
Greece and Spain = Allies
Turkey = Soviets

Due to the choices I had to make while incooperating more or less RA1 stuff, there are many permutations of sets of rules. I'll label them as such:
1: Most like TD values, Naval only on highest tech level
2: Between TD and RA values
3: Most like RA Aftermath values
Varied as:
A: TD prereqs, No GPS, only Allies have gap gen and fake structs, GDI has to build second cheaper Adv Comm for Ion Cannon and Airstrike.
B: Red Dawn prereqs, Allies have GPS, all but Soviet have Gap Gen, all have fake structs.
C: TD prereqs, No GPS, only Allies have gap gen and fake structs, all have missile silo, can make capturable airfields as in my maps which give Ion Cannon.

(1) Cape Town (Just GDI vs Nod, close as possible to TD)
(1A) XO-Cape Town
(2B) Amalgam of Death
(2C) Amalgam of Air
(3A) Iron Crossover (Jungle)
(3C) Iron Crossover (Air) (Snow)
(1C) Just rules of this type (to paste into your own maps)

You can take rule sets from my maps and paste them into your own and modify them as you please.
I start each filename and title with RD4- to signify that they are designed for RD version 2014.
I gave Aircrafts sight for exploring in Amalgam maps.
Since Soviets can't build airfields, they get rocket copter (Orca) with each helipad but can only build gunner copter (Apache) separately.
Soviet Guard Tower (Camo pillbox) is a Flame Tower.
Soviet SSM Launcher is a V2 different from Nod's SSM.
What looks like a radar jammer is a tesla tank for Soviets (just as in Counterstrike missions) and for Allies it's a mobile gap gen with grenades.

Country bonuses similar to Red Dawn's custom:
UN-GDI, Nod, Greece (Allies), and Turkey (Soviet) have no bonus.
GDI Steel Talon has better firepower but slower groundspeed.
GDI ZOCOM has better armor but slower groundspeed.
Spain (Allies) and Nod Black Hand have faster ROF but weaker armor.
In TD only rules in which Turkey is still GDI, they have faster groundspeed but weaker armor.

Future Plans For Red Dawn maps and rule sets though some may be long ways off from now:
Frozen Shards of Caina (with naval left as Red Dawn's customization)
Great Wall
Lunar Battlefield (with Dune team replacing Spain)
Lunar Iron Crossover
Crossing the Dunes (Atreides vs Harkonnen vs Ordos vs GDI vs Allies closest to replicating Dune)
Early Chop suey
Wallachian Crypt
Brigantine, New Jersey (a very nice island)

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