May 20th, 2020: Updated all rules sets in for warhead accuracy except XV was already good.
Updated all Crossover and Sole Survivor in RA map files except Crossed-up Vehicles was already good.
November 18th, 2015: New page for Sole Survivor recreated in RA. Also small change to tdpure.txt in
September 30th, 2015: Fix to tdpure.txt in No released maps affected.
September 19th: XV-Czech Mate map updated to v2.1 and xv.txt in was updated two days ago.
Sep. 15th: Now hosted by C&C Guild on Almost all XO maps updated to v2.0 and added page of XO mod-maps for Red Dawn!
Sep. 3rd: Added: XV: Crossed up Vehicles map-mod.

"He who forgets the past gets bit in the arse in the future." or something like that - Kane*

XO for Red DawnSole SurvivorForums

C&C XO: Allies vs GDI vs Nod vs Soviet Crossover

For C&C Red Alert (1) with Aftermath stuff
Requires CnCNet or Portable RA's spawn1.mix
RA Online works just fine.
If playing offline, remember to use RA1MPLauncher.exe to play skirmish with CNCNet's spawn1.mix loaded for the C&C1 gfx.

Click screenshot to enlarge.

4 different playable teams! More like 6 with varied GDI's and Nods!
France and Greece still Allies. Russia and Ukraine still Soviet.
England = GDI with GPS and Chronosphere. Spain = GDI with Iron Curtain and Airfield.
Germany = Nod with GPS and Chronosphere. Turkey = Nod with Iron Curtain and Airfield.

There are also rule sets with my XO combined with Counterstrike's Lunar Battle Field map's rules.
Download various xo rules to paste into your own maps. You can also take rules from any of my maps or ask if you want anything custom tailored. Almost every map features custom paradrop.

Here are XO editions of RA stockmaps with changed theaters:
XO-Arena Valley X v1,1 (Winter)
XO-Marooned II v2.1 (Desert) (Between XOTD and XOTDpure values)
XO-Gold Coast v2.1 (Barren) (C&C1 speed tanks, Dogs seem to be mutating...)
XO-Treasure Isle v2.1 (Jungle) (C&C1 speed tanks)
XO-Lunar Battle Field v2.1 (XO+Lunar Rules) (Barren)
I highly recommend the book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein
Rules sometimes vary from map to map. Chronosphere doesn't kill passengers in Arena Valley, Treasure Isle, or Lunar maps.

Here's an enhanced version of the popular crates map "Break Ownz at Crates" which people like to play with bases on, units 0, money 0, tech level 1, and of course crates on (as long as Break doesn't mind).
XS-Break Ownz These Crates? v2.1 - Can be played the same or any way you like. England & Spain are replaced with GDI and Germany & Turkey are replaced with Nod. Units have Sole Survivor stats except infantry are still crushable. The Ore Truck and Mine Layers of very limited usefulness that people would get from crates are now Flame Tanks and Mobile Rocket Launchers. Each player also starts with one missile launching gunboat as well as single use spy plane, custom paratroopers, chrono, and iron curtain. Soviets get medium tanks (with sole stats) instead of heavy tanks. Country bonuses are similiar to regular RA and XO.
Feel free to copy and paste the rules from it.

Below are my own maps with XO and XO Lunar rules...

XV: Crossed up Vehicles

For RA1 with Aftermath - Requires CnCNet or Portable RA's spawn1.mix

8 different playable teams!
Allies (Greece/blue)
Soviet (Russia/red)
GDI (Spain/yellow)
Nod (Germany/gray&red)
Dune (Ukraine/orange)
LoTeks (England/green)
Long Arm (Turkey/brown)
Special Ops (France/teal)

No tanks, but all other vehicles and infantry. Vehicles have their exact stats and graphics close as possible to C&C1:Tiberium Dawn and Red Alert 1. Nod Artillery is even different from Allies. GDI APC has different firing rate than Allies and so on. Nod has their SSM while Soviets have their V2. Team games should be interesting.

Sep. 19th, 2015: Updated to v2.1
Sep. 15th: Updated to v2.0
Aug. 12th: Released XV-Czech Mate on's RA multimaps forum.
Here's an XV edition of a RA stockmap with changed theater:
XV-Czech Mate v2.1 (Winter)

No chance of stealth crates and subs are only stealth units so you don't have to worry about people hiding stuff with short game off. All get airfield, Grenadiers, Mechanic, Thief, Spy, Tanya, Commando, Dogs, Mine Layer, Missile Silo. 4 factions get demo truck. 5 factions get Allied barracks and 4 factions get Soviet barracks (LoTeks have both). 5 teams get Ship Yard and 4 get Sub Pen (Long Arm gets both), but they require dome. 5 teams get gap generator. All get fake structures but no fake naval structs. 5 get GPS (and not all the same five that get Gap Gen). 6 get Chronosphere which doesn't kill passengers and 2 get Iron Curtain. Most vehicles require nothing extra or just dome. Chrono Tank and Phase Transport merged into one unit that only Special Ops gets. Chronoshifts instead of cloaking, but passenger can only get out of it by vehicle being destroyed.

Great Wall - Charge!!!!!! (Skirmish vs AI) v1.1

Animation comparing original map to offcolor RA recreation.

Click for view of most of army.
You'll have to play it to see the whole wall and what lies behind...

May 20th, 2020: Updated to v1.1
July 4th, 2015: Original release
Size: 96x96
Theater: Winter
New Rules: XO
Download Great Wall

This is a recreation of a map by the same name from WCII.
Since it's based on XO rules it requires CNCNet's spawn1.mix which contains C&C1 gfx.
Use RA1MPLauncher to launch skirmish mode. Or go to play online but instead of logging in, choose skirmish there.
Choose any #start but 2. And for an AI opponent set it to start #2. Set any additional AI players as your allies at other starts.
You can play with bases on or off, as they are already provided for you and the enemy AI.

You start with a ton of Nod units and some other units.
No one has GPS, spyplane, or paratroopers, except maybe your AI opponent.
Gun Turrets and Chem Warriors are changed to be able to shoot over concrete walls.
Oil Pumps generate power and store ore.
I brought in a couple ideas from Lunar Battle Field rules.
This is the only map I have ever made with infinite ore. It was necessary to recreate the contained gold mines.

Frozen Shards of Caina (Paradropping ships!) v1.1

Click screenshot to enlarge.

May 20th, 2020: Updated to v1.1
June 24th, 2015: New XO and XO Lunar versions...
Each player start is now surrounded by equal amounts of ore, gems, and mines.
Mar. 10th, 2015: new versions
Aug. 26th, 2002: original release with only two islands
Size: 126x126
Theater: Snow/Desert islands surrounded by water
New Rules: XO and XO Lunar
XO-Frozen Shards O' Caina v1.1 (Snow)
XO-Thawed Shards O' Luna v1.1 (Desert)

Great Video of Paraships and other custom paradrop possibilies.

To drop paraships, target the water against landable beach. RA normally has a cap of 500 land vehicles and 100 sea vessels. In these rules it has been changed to 300 and 300 but currently CNCNet ignores those changes. In order to bypass the 100 cap, these maps feature ParaShips and there are also automatic reinforcements of transport ships containing units that travel to the center of the map unless you grab control of them sooner.

In this Lunar map, firing rate and groundspeed are normal, and GDI(Eng&Spain)'s selection of units/defenses is like Dune.

In Thawed Shards of Luna I experienced one mysterious crash in an 8 player game sometime after the 100 vessel cap.

Saving and loading in skirmish mode is not recommended, but here is a funny glitch video.

in room behind middle of sub

Iron Crossover v2.1

Click screenshot to enlarge.

May 20th, 2020: Updated to v2.1
Sep. 15th, 2015: Updated to v2.0
May 4th: version 1.1
Apr. 26th: first release
Size: 126x126
Theater: Jungle
New Rules: XO Rules
Download xoironx2.mpr

Cape Town (conversion of Nod13a mission's map) expanded v2.1

The future has come around and bit the past in the ass.
Click screenshot to enlarge.

May 20th, 2020: Updated to v2.1
Sep. 15th, 2015: Updated to v2.0
Jun. 24th: Fixed up and replaced with just two versions...
Many pieces of the already existing concrete walls have been deleted leaving just corners to not cramp players so much.
Features customized paratrooper drops.
Mar. 10th, 2015: updated and more versions
Mar. 14th, 2003: expanded
Jul. 15th, 2002: original release
Size: 102x102
Theater: Temperate
New Rules: XO Alt (Slower Tanks) and XO Lunar
XO Cape Town v2.1
XO Loonie Town v2.1

In this Lunar map, firing rate is normal, some units are slower but still faster than regular Lunar, and GDI(Eng&Spain)'s selection of units/defenses is like Dune.


Amalgam of Death v2.1

Click screenshot to enlarge.

May 20th, 2020: Updated to v2.1
Sep 15th, 2015: Updated to v2.0
May 23rd: first release
Size: 126x126
Theater: Temperate
New Rules: XO Alt (Slower Tanks like C&C1)
Download XO-Amalgam of Death v2.1

This map is the result of copy&pasting together Zelda's Death Mountain, Volkov Deathmatch, and part of an older version of Cape Town expanded into one big XO map with additional work done on it. Careful what computer things you attack... Plenty stuff to explore and attack or capture but you might get wrecked by other players if you focus too much on it in multiplayer.

Zelda's Death Mountain

For C&C Red Alert (1) Aftermath

Compare to its inspiration:

This map is designed for play with bases off and unit count 0.
Crates are optional.

Apr. 5th, 2015: Added Zelda Chrono Luna War mpr (probably best version)
Mar. 10th, 2015
Size: 126x48
Theater: Temperate
New Rules: Yes!

You start with a squad and two Chinook transports fly out to you.

In Zelda Chrono War you play with bases off and a base of a few buildings is provided. You can play with Short Game on in this version

Destroy the other players.

Volkov Deathmatch (v1.2)

For C&C Red Alert (1)

Can you find the secret enemy?Who is Keyser Söze?

This map is designed for play with bases off, crates on, unit count 1, and as many other players and AI players as possible.

Mar. 10th, 2015: updated to v1.2
Oct. 31st, 2002: version 1.1
Size: 64x64
Theater: two temperate versions and one snow
New Rules: Yes!
You are a super soldier and must face off against others including heroes or anti-heroes of Red Alert.

Volkov Deathmatch ][ (v0.9 beta)
Was a PICK! at Planet CNC

For Red Alert 2

Can you find the secret enemy?

This map is designed for play with short game off, crates on, unit count 1, and as many other players and AI players as possible.

Feb. 20th, 2004
Size: 100x86
Theater: Urban
New Rules: Yes!
Select your character and fight all others to the death. Soviet super soldier Volkov and his cybernetic dog, Chitzkoi, await opponents. But there is a greater threat and a few surprises.

ini files extracted from games
These are various .ini files you can edit and have the modified file sitting in your game directory. All .ini files are plain text editable with notepad. .Eng and .CSF are text string data files that require special editors. Changes you make in rules.ini, aftermth.ini, mplayer.ini, firestrm.ini, rulesmd.ini can be copy and pasted into map files for whatever game they're for so you have your affects in just your map rather than the whole game.
In RA1 maps, your rules changes must come before the [digest section or you can delete the [digest section.

Original C&C (Tiberium Dawn) mission.ini and conquer.eng
In Nyerguds's latest update of C&C you can edit themes.ini and here are tons of .ini files of original C&C settings though only that one is currently implemented for the game to recognize.

RA uses a different scale for speed than C&C TD.
Comparing units that appear in both, RA numbers range from 1/2 to 2/7 (or .2857...),
but I think RA's unfortunately not as fine scale is somewhere from 0.4 to 1/3 of C&C's.
This is further complicated by RA's different settings of units' % of full speed per terrain type.
In C&C a speed 30 wheeled vehicle goes faster than a speed 35 tracked one on regular terrain.
In RA a speed 10 wheeled vehicle goes slower than a speed 8 tracked one on regular terrain.
(So Rangers really suck compared to APC's in unmodified RA)
Here is a list of hopefully accurate speed tests done by me.
Update: For best solution see my XO rules in which I left Ranger at speed 10 but changed wheeled vehicle speed from 60% to 90% for regular clear terrain.

Red Alert 1 and Aftermath
Here is a fixed mission that was broken in the v3.03 update.
Some groups of RA stuff with comments by me in txt files for quick reference:
Miscellaneous, Land Vehicles, Infantry, Air&Sea Units, Buildings, Weapons, Projectiles&Warheads
Or you can do practically whatever you want with my XO/XO Lunar/XV rules to paste into your maps or copy&paste them from my maps. You can modify them to your liking.

Tiberian Sun
Maybe want to use the rules.ini in the patch subfolder of the zip, but not sure if that's TS or TSFS rules.
TS Firestorm
Firestorm has some bad changes such as making artillery almost uselessly inaccurate. Maybe customize rules to revert to regular TS but with FS's new units.

Red Alert 2
I did not mix up TS files with RA2. Some RA2 files actually say Tiberian Sun in them.

RA2 Yuri's Revenge

Generals and Zero Hour have all their ini files organized into an ini.big file you can extract them from instead of scattered throughout many .mix files.

I don't yet know where C&C3 and RA3 have their rules settings.

C&C links
C&C Guild - modding resources
CnCNet - Classic C&C Online Forever! - another online play network which supports some different games
XWIS downloads
C&C Online: C&C3, RA3, and Generals online play
Red Alert 1 Online
Most Hilarious map-mod ever!
Red Dawn - RA1 modified into C&C1 with a ton of missions from both playable!
Dawn of the Tiberium Age - Tiberian Sun modded into C&C1+RA1 with a bunch of missions... Amazing!
Twisted Insurrection - Great game based on TS that adds another whole team
CnC Reloaded - mod for RA2 Yuri's Revenge combining it with TS (Five different teams!)
Mental Omega - mod for RA2YR that expands each of three sides into three more varied subfactions
Dune 2000 - fixed and expanded with new missions by Gruntmods
C&C Communications Center
C&C Gold - Full disc isos free and legal
More free and legal isos of more games and the add-ons (but slower download)
Free and legal RA2 with Yuri's Revenge download
Extensive patch for C&C the First Decade collection
Red Alert Archive - Great resources
their mod page - where you can find Armageddon 4 and Project Revolution v1.5 which I did voices for.
Nyerguds's C&C Gold: Project 1.06 & Star Wars C&C
CnC Labs - update patches and great mods for C&C3, RA3, and Generals
C&C1 on a phone
Red Alert 1 on a phone
Open RA - C&C, RA, and Dune 2000 recreated in a new open source engine
CnCNet Official youtube channel
Fan Videos - Featured on Video DVD of C&C The First Decade
HeXetic's Most Useless Units Video
Many good C&C videos
Unit Ready - good metal band
CnC Source
Command & Conquer Millenium (original C&C)
Westwood (Now points to EA's C&C page)
The Barracks: Command & Conquer (Too many popups on this page!)

Defunct links recovered with wayback machine archive:
(Should bring back some memories)
RA Tech Center (RA Revolution, I did some voices and a map)
Red Alert Armageddon (I did a few voices for this)
RA Tech Center Forums
The Red Alert League (Cool screenshots and maps)
Machinegun's Red Alert 1 page
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C&C Filezone
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Kali (I played three player C&C over it)

Other links:
My current main Neocities page
My Castlevania: Fjording of the Abyss site
MK custom fighters and fighting styles (Mortal Kombat Armageddon, over 48 of them)
Archives of my old pages: Technos, Technos Techniques, Strife & Doom, S&D Links, minions
My SeHackEd page
The Red Elvises
Rasputin vs Stalin - Epic Rap Battles of History
P.O.W.W.O.W. (Pain of Wisdom in a World of Waste) - peaceful revolution through agriculture. - Get informed before you let the medical cartel ruin your life or anyone's life.

XO for Red DawnSole SurvivorForums

*. I assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this quote.