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November 30th, 2015: New downloads of XO Crossover Crate rules with Sole stats released.
November 18th: Released test versions

in Red Alert 1

"War does not determine who is right. Only who is left." - possibly Bertrand Russell

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Sole Survivor map35 recreated

For C&C Red Alert (1) with Aftermath stuff
Requires CnCNet or Portable RA's spawn1.mix
RA Online works just fine.
If playing offline, remember to use RA1MPLauncher.exe to play skirmish with CNCNet's spawn1.mix loaded for the C&C1 gfx
or go to play online but choose skirmish from there.
If you swap in a custom exe for ra95-spawn.exe, then teleporters will work (but you can't play online with others that way, only single or LAN).
Another method is to replace expand2.mix with a renamed spawn1.mix and run whatever exe.
Also, Stealth units must uncloak to use teleporters which are signified by four spots of rock formations of which one of each four will work for you.

A recreation of Sole Survivor in RA...

Some rough stats of units in this version:

New Downloads:
Here's an enhanced version of the popular crates map "Break Ownz at Crates" which people like to play with bases on, units 0, money 0, tech level 1, and of course crates on (as long as Break doesn't mind).
XS-Break Ownz These Crates? v2.1 - Can be played the same or any way you like. England & Spain are replaced with GDI and Germany & Turkey are replaced with Nod. Units have Sole Survivor stats except infantry are still crushable. The Ore Truck and Mine Layers of very limited usefulness that people would get from crates are now Flame Tanks and Mobile Rocket Launchers. Each player also starts with one missile launching gunboat as well as single use spy plane, custom paratroopers, chrono, and iron curtain. Soviets get medium tanks (with sole stats) instead of heavy tanks. Country bonuses are similiar to regular RA and XO.
Feel free to copy and paste the rules from it.
xslcrate.txt - XO Crossover Crate rules with Sole stats more suitable for larger maps where people want to build everything and have big naval battles.

Play with units 0 in all versions and Bases Off in any FFA titled version.
Sole Survivor in RA Downloads:
FFA (jungle) (Free-For-All with computer stuff to destroy)
MFFA (winter) (better for multiple units)
FCTF (desert) (FreeCTF or FFA, rules could be used for any map)
TCTF (temperate) (TeamCTF)
AFFA (snow) (Some player will be a sort of admin)
P1 Admin Test (barren) (To test being an admin by yourself)
The P1 Admin test can only be used with ra95-spawn.exe (used by CnCNet) since it's barren theater and no other exes support that and will crash.

Set starting money to multiples of 10,000 to allow more units per a player.
20,000 or 30,000 for 2 or 3 may make for the most strategic games.
The flawed computer AI doesn't take availabe funds into account and tries to build an infantry unit and vehicle at the same time.
So with only 10,000 it doesn't finish building one unit until a production building is destroyed to cancel the other.
The first FFA version with computer stuff placed in it doesn't allow for multiple units very well since stepping off the dirt clearing destroys your buildings.
The timer in other versions is when your production buildings will be destroyed.
I recommend setting units to teams with Ctrl + a number. Then you can quickly reselect with the number or center the screen on it with Alt + number. You can mimic Sole's tracking mode by holding Alt+number or Home.
Parabombs is TD's style Airstrike.
Paratroopers is a custom airstrike.

You can take rule sets from my maps and paste them into your own and modify them as you please.

Country bonuses mostly similar to my old Volkov Deathmatch:
Russia: Stronger +FirePower & +Armor, but slower -Rate of Fire.
England: Stronger +AR
Ukraine: Faster +RoF (0.9)
Germany: Stronger +FP
France: Faster +RoF
Turkey: WAY faster +++++AirSpeed (1.5 like Lunar)
Spain: Much faster ++RoF, WAY faster +++++Airspeed but weaker -FP & -AR
Greece: Much faster ++RoF (0.8), but weaker -AR

Original Sole Survivor was up to 50 players who could join and exit on ongoing game as they pleased. You chose one unit from the original C&C which could even be the viceroid or any of four dinosaurs. There were tons of crates that powered up increments of FirePower, Armor, Rate of Fire, Range, and GroundSpeed. I only got to play team CTF aside from offline practice before servers went down. Sole Survivor seems to have taken TD values as a base and then modified them. I got most of the new values thanks to Myg's SServer project at Github, however I don't know Sole's values for defensive structures and if they changed the damage of any weapons. Also thanks to Nyerguds, whose map render image I recreated the map going by. Timing firing rates I got them reasonably close and I think I got a few changed ranges right. Mammoth Tank's secondary missile range seem to be reduced to 4 but since they're hardcoded programmed to use them more in RA than in TD or Sole, I lowered that to 3.75. It seems they switched the attacks of herbivour and carnivour dinos but I don't have exact weapon numbers to confirm. It seems computer units and structures start with random levels of powerups in Sole. Updates to Sole change kill counts to point scores. All structures give 20 points while units usually give 40 but sometimes 30 or 50 possibly depending on how powered up. The same unit can give different points at different times. Sole had no air units.

The original Sole Survivor manual is available here

RA is limited to 8 players and crates can't give a RoF or Range bonus. Also most of Sole's increment powerups seem to be quantities added instead of multiplyers. While crates help even things up in Sole, in RA they benefit units that already have larger numbers. So the fastest unit gets the biggest speed boost, the most powerful gets the biggest FP boost, and the unit with the most hit points get the biggest boost from armor. To compensate, all crates were lowered to 1.4. I adapted RA crates chances from actual Sole map ini files. Since RA uses a different speed scale than Sole/TD, I set those numbers to 0.4 of their Sole value. Except for the Chemwarrior I set to 1/3 of 27, because infantry move glitchy in RA if at speed 9 they get a bonus more than 1.4. And I eliminated any beneficial groundspeed country or difficulty bonus. I gave minigunners their RA range and gave Rocket Soldiers their RA damage and range. The Fire Ant acts like a Viceroid. The Giant Ant has stats of Triceratops and Warrior Ant has the stats of Velociraptor. I added some modified units to the mix: Tanya, Einstein (like a Shock Trooper), Tiberium Fiend (TS's mutant dogs), Molotov Civilian, Phase Transport, Chrono Tank, Tesla Tank, and Mobile Gap Generator (with a weapon).

Despite the limitations of trying to recreate Sole in RA, allowing more than one unit per a player may actually make it a more strategic game in overcoming some balance issues and making some units more useful. Please contact me if you know exact numbers for weapons, warhead percentages, and structures in Sole, or where in the exe I can look with a hex editor. Or you know what other game modes were like or have other ideas.

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